Fine art reproduction photography

We photograph your original artwork, whatever medium, size or format in our specially designed photographic studio.

Using the ideal combination of a traditional large format studio camera, cutting edge digital imaging and colour controlled lighting, our photographic setup can document any size artwork anytime, anywhere.

The versatility of a large format studio camera is unparalleled and the pinpoint accuracy of digital imaging enables us to deal with the most complex tasks you can throw at us. With complete control of our lighting we have the ability to emphasise or minimise texture as required.

Producing a maximum file size of 378mb RGB (504mb CMYK) or 10800×12000 pixels, the image quality from our Powerphase FX digital back is future proof, enabling us to archive your art work for tomorrow’s generations.

This very high quality equipment combined with our expertise means we can offer the best fine art documentation service currently available.

As part of a carefully colour managed workflow, we photograph original artworks with the print already in mind, paying particular attention to a sympathetic reproduction of tones and textures. The digital file is exhaustively retouched and proofed to ensure the best possible match to the original. There are inevitable compromises in every reproduction – this is exactly what distinguishes the original and maintains its desirability – so we take great care to consider exactly where they occur to ensure the mood of the original is perpetuated.

Exactly the same meticulous care is taken in ensuring our images capture every last detail. The digital file is subsequently examined and retouched to your specifications. Finally it gets burnt to CD or DVD as an uncompressed TIFF file with the industry standard Adobe RGB colour profile attached. This gives you entirely ‘device independent’ images.


Photography and colour managing: £50 per hour
Retouching and proofing: £50 per hour
Archival prints (max width 1650mm / 64″) from: £100 per sq/m

All prices subject to VAT at 20%